Partnership with DesignRush

Partnership with DesignRush: Pioneering a Cutting-edge Platform to Discover Premier Digital Agencies

🀝🏻 Initiation of Collaboration with DesignRush

πŸ’ͺ🏻 Exploring the Advantages of DesignRush Development

🀝🏻 Inception of DesignRush Partnership

The nDimensions Studio team is thrilled to announce our collaboration with entrepreneur Gianluca Ferruggia in the creation of the DesignRush platform, established in 2017.

The objective behind DesignRush’s development was to craft an innovative platform facilitating the identification of top-tier agencies and professionals across various domains such as design, marketing, website, and mobile development. Drawing inspiration from the founder’s insights, we engineered a system streamlining the process of evaluating and comparing services from diverse companies, aiding businesses in finding the perfect partner for their specific needs.

Employing the Scrum methodology tailored to our service model allowed us to construct a platform that is both flexible and scalable. This approach enabled us to promptly adapt to evolving requirements and user feedback, ensuring continuous refinement of the platform’s functionality.

πŸ’ͺ🏻 Benefits Arising from DesignRush Development

DesignRush stands as a global ranking platform for premier agencies, uniting them in a vast network. With over 20,000 registered digital agencies from 50+ countries, the platform serves as a go-to resource for thousands of decision-makers looking to initiate or expand their projects.

Users can seamlessly explore top partner firms using various criteria such as expertise, team composition, management, client reviews, portfolio, pricing, and more, all facilitated by customized ranking algorithms. This empowers users to efficiently compare the most crucial attributes of top agencies, aiding them in identifying the most suitable partner for their business.

The nDimensions Studio team takes pride in its role in shaping DesignRush and is delighted to witness the platform empowering talented professionals to achieve new milestones in their careers.

Learn more about us and explore our portfolio on the DesignRush Profile.

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