Why You Should Optimize Your Website for Voice Search?

As technology advances, the future of voice search optimization keeps getting closer. Voice search is a fairly new concept that is gradually gaining popularity. This means that, in order to stay ahead of the SEO game, websites must now incorporate voice searches into their strategies. Voice search is the next big thing in digital marketing that’s about to happen. Because the results of voice searches are lesser than those of web searches, this can have a significant impact on a company’s marketing. This means that unless you can modify your digital marketing activities for voice search and get ahead of your competitors, you risk being omitted entirely from voice search results.

What is Voice Search?

Voice search is a technique that enables a user to search the Internet, a website, or an application using a voice command. This function originally emerged on smartphones as a result of developments in speech recognition, allowing it to replace the typing system on the search bar. When a smartphone or computer user speaks to the device they are using to search for a specific topic or business, this is known as a voice search.

Today, voice search is prevailing and has transformed into a new way of asking questions on the Internet, as evidenced by the emergence of new technological modifications such as voice assistants like Alexa with Amazon Echo, Google Voice Search, Siri, etc. In the coming years, we can only expect voice search to develop and grow even faster, pushing businesses to adopt the voice search system before it becomes the norm.

Why Should Businesses Optimize for Voice Search?

To stay ahead of the competition and have your business recommended first by smart devices, make sure your website and social media pages all answer the basic queries that voice search users will commonly ask. This is where voice search optimization becomes important. Voice search is easier as it completely replaces the need to type, and while using smart voice search like google search, you usually just get one answer for your search, which means you don’t have to further search through results. Voice search is also available on laptops, tablets, and PCs. That implies we can very much use voice search on any device, which is very useful and impactful (which is probably a large part of why voice search is so popular).

Amidst its wide and ever-growing popularity, the optimization of voice search still stays ahead of all. As if you don’t have it right, you don’t have it at all. A smart voice search system can easily attract nearby clients who are searching for your product or service on their smartphones. This implies that voice search optimization should be a parcel of your digital marketing strategies.

Following are the reasons why you should consider optimizing your voice search strategy:


Let us begin by answering this question – How popular is Voice search?

According to Google, voice search on mobile phones is used by 27% of the global online population. And at least 47% of adults use the voice search feature on their smartphones at least once per day. This number is expected to grow in the coming years, because:

  • At least 31% of the mobile users use the voice search feature, once a week
  • By 2022 more than 50% of mobile searches will be voice-based.

Answers Questions Quickly

While making a search, users are compelled to open up a web page, type their questions and then wait for the results to load. On the other hand, this procedure is significantly accelerated when using voice search. Hands-free voice search is available on many smartphones, which means you don’t have to pick up the device to ask a question, it simply works on voice commands. Clearly, people would prefer to make a switch from making a search with maximum steps to making a hassle-free search.

Location-Based Search

According to Search Engine Land, Voice search questions for location-based information accounted for 22% of all voice search queries. This feature offers a huge opportunity for local businesses in any city, town, or country to hunt and locate customers. Especially for medical practitioners, this will be of high advantage as it would become easier for them as well as the patients to allocate their medical services. The same can be applied to all businesses in all areas.

Building Trust

When someone uses voice search to get information, they expect the results to be accurate and reliable. Google’s proprietary algorithm guarantees that users receive relevant results depending on their specific query. This means that if a user makes a search and gets information through your company’s website, they are more inclined to believe it. As a result, improving your voice search ranks is critical. When you optimize your website for voice search, you’re essentially putting your company in front of more potential clients. Optimization can also help raise your brand’s reputation and credibility by increasing the volume of traffic to your website.


As any digital marketer knows, search is always evolving, and this new era of local and voice-focused search is once again redefining business marketing. Adapting your digital marketing strategies for voice search is critical for both large and small organizations. But also ensure that your website loads quickly in order to take advantage of any search inquiries through the voice search feature. This is because consumers are more likely to utilize voice search systems when they are on the go or otherwise occupied.